Dear clients,

during this challenging time with the Covid-19 infection, we know many of you would rather avoid going into a busy hospital if you can. For simple and common medical conditions, you are welcome to tap into our phone based consultation service. You can also call us to consult on suspected Covid-19 cases. For a small fee of 500 Kenya shillings, we shall give you a phone consultation and guide you on how to manage your medical condition. If you must go to a hospital or clinic for a physical assessment, we shall communicate this clearly.

Please note that this is not an emergency service.

Through this crisis period, we shall offer service at the same rate over off duty hours.


To utilise the service, please follow the procedure below:

1. Send a text to +254 735 580800
2. Share the name of the person who is unwell, their age, main complaint and an email address (for us to send a receipt later)
3. Make payment of 500 Kenyan shillings to till number 7087449. For Mtiba users, follow the payment process by dialing *253#. A short video guidance of the same can be seen here- Mtiba Use
4. Forward the payment confirmation message to +254 735 580800.
5. We shall call you within 60 minutes to carry out the consultation.

For those who shall call the phone number +254 735 580800, they shall hear an automated message guiding them on how to proceed.

Dr. Dennis Nturibi.

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