BeWell Lifestyle Modification Services

At the Be-Well Programs, we start by creating awareness on the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases. We follow this by empowering individuals and corporates so that they can both know that it is within their power to introduce and implement changes to reverse this trend. Using the technical tools at our disposal, we also guide in the practical and hands on approach to monitor, record and sustain the positive health changes attained. Over the last 4 years, we have created a community of transformed individuals, champions, advocates and mentors who are now working with us to encourage and motivate the society at large.





These are:

1.     Facebook Live Sessions: These are free, educational sessions conducted on Facebook with the intent to create awareness and educate.

2.     “Cookathons”: These are practical cooking events where individuals are taught how to make delicious and interesting healthy food.

3.     Be-Well Walks:  These are challenging walking events geared towards creating awareness on the epidemic of lifestyle diseases.

4.     Be-Well Day: This is a one-day corporate event built as a team building that creates an environment to learn & compete while having fun.

5.     Be-Well Medical Sessions: These include medical consultations, health talks and one on one health coaching.

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