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I had my blood works done and it came with…

Hi, what was the reason for you carrying out the blood tests? From a glance at the records you sent the results that stand out are the "neutrophils 26.8, lymphocytes 67". For these I presume that the results were the relative percentages of these white blood cells. Since I cannot see the reference ranges to confirm whether they are low or high, I will deduce that the neutrophils are relatively lowered and the lymphocytes are relatively elevated beyond the expected range. This picture is common when a person is experiencing an infection that is viral in nature e.g. influenza. Therefore it would be important to know what symptoms you are experiencing that lead you to have a blood test. Regards Dr Torooti Mwirigi

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hello about two years ago i had a copper iud…

Hello, thanks for the question(though with a delayed response). The IUCD appears to be a red herring in that it may not be associated with the foul urine. The reason is the urinary system and the womb are not directly linked. If you have any other symptoms like a burning sensation when urinating then it may suggest a urinary tract infection. My advice is for you to go for a check up and have your abdomen examined and urine tested to check for infection. Your IUCD can also be checked as well.

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