Posted on 2015-02-19 04:12:25

Most injuries of the eye can be prevented if proper safety precautions are practiced. At times, eye protection can be easily ignored while doing chores like cleaning, working in the kitchen, gardening, or doing sports activities. Surprisingly, many eye injuries happen while carrying out daily activities. Wearing safety eye glasses and observing other simple preventative measures can go a long way in preventing or lessening the severity of most eye injuries. To protect your eyes, observe the following. Using household detergent s and chemicals; Chemical burns are a common cause of eye Injuries at home. Chemicals commonly found at home include bleaches, sprays, and laundry detergents, among others. Take time to read the instructions on the package carefully and work in a room with sufficient air circulation. If you are using sprays, ensure that the spray nozzles are pointing away from you before you start spraying. If traces of chemicals get into the eye accidentally, flush it out very quickly using a lot of water and see a doctor immediately. Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap immediately after using household cleaning products and avoid rubbing the eyes. Store all chemicals and detergents meant for household cleaning out of children’s reach. In the kitchen; Protective eye wear is important in the kitchen too. Wearing safety glasses can protect your eyes from injuries, for instance when using caustic chemicals to clean the sinks and oven. Also, irritating food ingredients such as hot peppers can get into your eyes while cooking. Therefore, avoid touching the eyes and wash your hands regularly when cooking as these can cause redness and pain in the eye. Out in the sun; Try to avoid looking directly in the sun as strong radiation from the sun can damage the back part of the eye. Exposing the eyes to too much sun can cause discoloration (‘sunshine’ cataracts). Therefore, whenever you are doing outdoor activities on sunny days, protect your eyes by wearing good quality dark eye glasses which have Ultraviolet (UV) light protection. Working in the garden; It is very easy to injure your eyes when working in the garden. Common threats include loose particles of soil getting into the eyes and branches at eye level which can poke the eye. Also, chemicals used in the garden such as pesticides can accidentally enter the eye. To protect your eyes, wear safety goggles each time you are doing garden work even when it is not sunny. Choose appropriate toys for children; Children are usually born with an immature visual system but this grows as they grow. Their vision is stimulated during their growing years. For this reason, toys come in handy as they stimulate a child’s vision easily. Children spend most of their time playing with toys, hence you need to ensure that the toys you buy are age-appropriate and safe for overall eye safety. Allowing children to play with unsafe toys can cause injury to their eyes. Buy toys that are firmly built so that they will not fall apart easily, and check that the paints are not toxic and do not peel off. Do not buy toys with rough or sharp edges. Before buying a toy, read the recommendations carefully so that you buy the right one for your child’s age to guarantee eye safety. During Sports; Any sport activity that involves the use of racquets, balls, and other flying items is a potential cause for eye injury. In addition, sports where there is close contact between players, such as basketball can cause eye injuries as a result of pokes by elbows and fingers. Therefore, ensure that you always wear protective sports eye wear whenever you participate in sports activities. These include helmets and sports goggles. Choose goggles that are made with polycarbonate (an impact-resistant material) that protects the eyes from fast-moving items. Polycarbonate is also fitted with UV light protection which protects against the effects of direct sunlight when doing outdoor sports. Eye injuries can occur when least expected. It is therefore important that you learn the basics of eye-related first aid so that you know what to do when an injury occurs to keep your eyes safe. By Rebecca Muthoni http://www.nation.co.ke/lifestyle/health/These-precautions-will-prevent-eye-injury/-/1954202/2626544/-/format/xhtml/-/dmr7rrz/-/index.html