Is Your Breath Failing You?

Posted on 2013-09-24 00:34:30

Have you ever talked to someone and you had to hold your breath as the smell coming out of their mouths was awful? I can bet there are days you have been the one with bad breath. It is a very embarrassing situation. Halitosis is the medical term coined for bad breath. Causes of bad breath and how to deal with them Poor oral hygiene: Poor hygiene of the mouth is by far the most common cause of bad breath. People commonly do not rinse their mouths after eating or brush their teeth regularly. Lack of proper hygiene means that bacteria grow in the mouth and release foul smelling chemicals that cause bad breath. These bacteria can also cause infections of the teeth and gums which can in turn cause more foul smell. The best way to treat poor oral hygiene is to correctly brush teeth, regular flossing and an annual review by a Dentist. Throat problems: Infections of the throat, known as pharyngitis, can cause halitosis. The tonsils are glands found in the throat and tend to get infected in children. When the tonsils are infected the condition is called tonsillitis. These infections cause foul smell that comes out through the mouth. Throat infections mostly present with pain. If you experience any throat pain or irritation, please visit a Doctor to confirm the infection and prescribe the correct treatment. Nose problems: The nose seems not to be related to the mouth. However, problems with the nose can cause bad breath. When one has a common cold, the blockage of the nose makes you breathe with the mouth. The mouth is not designed by nature for breathing. Therefore when you breathe through the mouth, the mouth becomes dry and smells. The smell is because of lack of saliva. Also when you breathe through the mouth, bacteria from the air settles on the throat and causes throat infections. Another nasal cause of bad breath is when mucus drips backwards into the back of the throat. This mucus causes bad breath. Any nose problems need to be treated adequately to avoid other complications. Lungs and airways: Infections in the lungs and airways can make you breath out bad air which causes bad breath Stomach: When you have indigestion, there is a build up of foul smelling air in the stomach. This foul smelling air, which smells like rotten eggs, is released through the mouth when one burps. If you have indigestion, try using over the counter anti acids and consult a Doctor if the symptoms persist. Habits: Habits like smoking or chewing tobacco can cause irritation in the mouth, gums and teeth leading to foul breath. Stop smoking, if you smoke and your bad breathe will reduce. Medical conditions: When one has diabetes or dieting there is an increased burning of fats. During the burning of fat, there is a chemical released called ketone which can be exhaled through the lungs and mouth. Foods and drinks: Some foods and drinks that increase bad breath are dairy foods like cheese, red meat and alcohol.

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