Health And Beauty FAQs Part 2

Posted on 2013-09-16 06:35:29

Re: Need a fix on my slim legs Dear Doc, First of all I would like to thank you for willing to share with us the most controversial topic and that is regarded as a taboo by many especially in Africa. I would confidently say that am well-endowed but I have one problem. I have very slim legs. When am in long dresses and trousers men really hit on me and my girlfriends envy me a lot. When I wear anything short that is where my self-esteem goes very low because I have very slim legs. For the past three years I have browsed the internet and researched on ways to increase the size of my legs, but what I have found is really irrelevant information that cannot solve my problems. I know very well it’s something I inherited from my mum and grandma. The biggest problem I get is sometimes my lower part of the leg swells up and I end up limping. My main reason of writing to you this letter is to know the truth because I trust you are the right source unlike the internet where everybody gives their views. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to increase the size of my legs so that I can lead a more comfortable life without the legs having to swell all the time. The second thing is, if it is a surgery that can increase the size of my legs, I would like you to tell me all the benefit and the risks of undergoing the procedure, and the preparation before and after the surgery and how to take care of myself after the surgery, and how the surgery will change my life both to the negative and positive. Then I would love to know if it can be done in Kenya, and the cost of the procedure. Dear Concerned Lady, You are very welcome, and we are glad to be of help. There are two different ways I would like to answer your question- emotional and physical. Mentally. From your very detailed description, it is clear that you are quite a physically pleasing person to look at. However, there are very few human beings who are physically "perfect", and even those few end up with such terrible character flaws that people around them often forget or stop noticing how physically appealing they are. When we are able to focus on the person we are inside, we soon realise that the physical is just but a small part of the whole. I would like to put it to you that you are better off spending your time and energy growing yourself as a wholesome person, than "growing" the size of your legs. If you do this, you shall notice with time that your legs are not really as bad looking as you think right now. Please think about this seriously. Physically. Changing the size of your legs is not easy. There are two areas people mean when they talk about 'legs". Medically the leg is the region between the knee and the ankle. However, most people also refer to the thigh in the same phrase. If you have thin legs, then a surgical option would be a procedure called calf implants. If you search for this online, you can see examples of results from this procedure. Surgery is also done to reduce flabby thighs, as might happen after liposuction for someone who was very obese. You can see plenty of examples of this on the internet if you search for "thighplasty" or thigh lift. You can have a surgical procedure to enhance the size of your calves/ legs. Locally, plastic surgery can be expensive, with breast augmentation costing about Ksh. 350,000 and a face lift costing Ksh. 300,000.
An alternative is to create the illusion. This is what happens when you wear a skirt, where no one can really see the size of your legs. Am sure there are also other wearable garments out there that can create the impression of size. Some people are able to increase the size of various body parts through exercise. Weight training, for example doing weighted squats (you should seek a proper professional on how to do these), will increase the size of your thighs and calves resulting in very shapely legs without being bulky and without surgery. This could be a good option due to the attendant health benefits. However, it takes work and commitment. Regarding the swelling of your legs, at your age, I would advise the best solution is to be active and eat well. You are having what we call edema and I suspect this could be well controlled by being physically fit. This would improve how your body handles fluid. It is important that you see genuine medical professionals. I have attached their contacts in your email.
Re: eczema Dear Doctor, Thank you for your article. My daughter suffers from what doctors describe as eczema of the face which has defamed her face. Can plastic surgery correct the situation? If yes, where can she be examined and the surgery done? Dear Mom, Plastic surgery is not an option for Eczema management, however, skin deformities can be addressed by plastic surgery. It is not common for eczema to cause deformity, I suspect what you are referring to is scarring. This is when the skin becomes dry and scaly, and looks as if it is healing from an old injury. In this case, plastic surgery would not be used to address scarring. "New" skin would also be affected by the eczema in the same way. The main treatment for scarring is medical, using various medicines.