Health And Beauty FAQs Part 1

Posted on 2013-09-13 06:35:26

Re: Spots on My Face Hi, I'm 18 from Matuu. Is the 'Gold Touch' suitable for use for I don't fancy the 'valon' or 'vaseline' which make my skin shine? The other thing is that I have a few, small structures on my face, I only know them in my language,Kamba 'nthunthua'. Please is there any way to remove without any adverse effects?
I'm looking forward to your response. Dear Sir, From the product listing on Gold Touch by Inter-consumer Products, it does seem to be a safe product, without any of those ingredients we had listed in the article. A simple way for you to know if a product is safe is to look at the ingredients list, and check them against the harmful products we had listed in the article. I'm not kamba, but from what I understand, Nthunthua means "blemish" or "spot". This is a non-specific description. If the spots you have on your face have been there since you were young, then they are not harmful and it might not be a good idea to try to forcefully remove them. These are usually things like freckles or what are commonly called "beauty spots", though you might not appreciate them as beautiful. If the spots are something that have developed in the recent past, then it might be a good idea to see a skin specialist for a diagnosis.
Re: I Can’t Kiss Him Dear Doctor, My boyfriend has very bad mouth smell. I am never comfortable with him when kissing. Surprisingly he brushes his mouth twice. What could be the problem?   Dear Lady, Bad breath is called Halitosis. There are many reasons why one can have this condition. Some of the common ones include:
  • Poor oral hygiene (sounds like this is not the case for your boyfriend)
  • Dental disease (dental carries, gum diseases, etc)
  • Diseases involving the mouth (such as dental or oral issues)
  • Diseases involving the throat (such as recurrent pharyngitis)
  • Poor digestion. This is mostly contributed to by a diet poor in fibre (plant foods)
  • Acid reflux conditions
  • Substance usage (khat/miraa, cigarette smoking, tobacco chewing, alcohol)
  • Other diseases that may not be related to the mouth (e.g. diabetes)
The first thing for your boyfriend to do is to see a dentist. It might be something as simple as dental carries or a rotting tooth that can be sorted out fairly easily. You could tell him what the problem is and suggest that you help to get a dental appointment, or if you must be more tactful, you could go ahead and schedule a dental review for both of you and suggest this is as a result "of what you have learnt from our articles". Once the process is started, hopefully a solution will be found. If you need a referral to a dentist, let us know where you live and we shall do our best.
Re: Not comfortable with how I look   Dear Doc, I have always had self-esteem issue especially when my boobs went downward when I was a teenage and my behind having huge dimples that look like holes and completely flat. Now I can change all this if I got them fix by surgery. I would like your help by telling me where this plastic surgeon is and how much it would cost me to have breast reduction and butt lift. Please.   Dear Lady, Yes, it is possible to augment your appearance through plastic surgery. It can also cost quite a bit, with breast augmentation costing at least Ksh. 300,000. However, it would be best to get in touch on the contacts below and get an initial appointment with the plastic surgeon, where all your questions can be answered. It is important that you see genuine medical professionals. There are about 7 plastic surgeons in Kenya, and they have an organization called Kenya Society of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. Kindly search for them online and contact them. I have attached further contacts in your email.