Considering Plastic Surgery?-Part 2

Posted on 2013-08-29 06:12:24

According to a recent news item in local media, plastic surgery among women is said to be on the rise with more women undergoing surgery in order to get the perceived perfect small body. Women are now much more financially stable and seem to have no issue about going under the knife to get the appearance that will boost their self esteem. Liposuction and breast augmentation seem to be the most popular and common. The service is also very much available locally with a large pool of plastic surgeons being based in Nairobi. More medical use of plastic surgery involves reconstruction post trauma for example road accidents, post burns, breast reduction to reduce back pain and also correcting of malformations such as cleft lip and palate. Operation smile is one perfect example of cosmetic plastic surgery in Kenya and globally involving the correction of the cleft lip and the cleft palate .The movement and international medical charity provides surgeries for no charge in order to repair the cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities around the globe in order to heal the affected children’s smiles. Children born with these birth defects are frequently shunned and rejected and one out of 10 children may die before their 1st birthday due to feeding difficulties. Plastic surgery is done in order to correct these deformities and gives the children normal looks and it also helps the children not to be ostracized due to their look. This has truly been a great contribution to the world of plastic surgery.   Plastic surgery like other surgeries can have unpleasant effects for example the heavy side effects of anesthesia, wound healing and other just as serious risks which include infection to the site where the operation took place, nerve damage on a certain part of the body or lack of sensation or permanent loss of sensation for example the nipples, after breast surgery. There can also be scarring whereby a lot of scar tissue forms which can be unsightly to some. Another risk is that of fluid collection whereby fluid can accumulate at a certain point of the body for example, after a tummy tuck surgery and fluid accumulates in the body. Before one decides to embark on plastic surgeries they should be able to understand and also cope and handle the stress of surgery. One should consider the following
  • Nobody is perfect and at times one may have wanted to change one or two things about themselves though one should also realize that not all characteristics can be changed.
  • One should always start with non surgical options of solving problems of appearance for example one should ensure that they have good habits to ensure weight control and also have exercise in order to look good and reduce weight instead of opting initially for a surgical procedure.
  • One‘s moods also come into play as those who are normally depressed may have a distorted view of how they really look. Sorting out the emotional problems may go a long way in helping them sort out their problems as plastic surgery is not always the solution.
  • One should also consider the cost. Is it really worth the cost carrying out the cosmetic procedure. Insurance companies also normally pay for reconstructive surgery and not for cosmetic surgery and this must also be clarified upon embarking on the same.
  • One should also understand the lifestyle changes that may need to come with the plastic surgery and the changes that may need to be done before and after the surgery. For example, a tummy tuck must be preceded by a serious weight loss regimen and followed by a strict dieting plan.
  • A careful consultation must also be done with the plastic surgeon before planning for the procedure in order for one to have the information they require about the procedure including its risks and benefits.
  Popular TV show produced by ABC company in the US and airing on local screens is highly popular due to the makeover it creates of the guests of the show. It has also given the plastic surgery industry a new and familiar look. The same overly emphasizes the importance of physical appearance which may also be just as potentially dangerous. As they say, all things must be done in moderation. Plastic surgery must be well thought out before one should decide to embark on it. It does improve lives but can also destroy and not really give you what you were looking for.