Skin Lightening Cautions

Posted on 2013-08-11 05:42:14

Campaigns have been launched in various countries like Jamaica in order to create an awareness of the dangers of skin lightening. Society seems to be ignorant of the effects of skin lightening. Use of sunscreen is advised when going out in the sun for those already using skin lighteners. This is because they already have reduced melanin, the natural sunscreen. When buying beauty products, one should carefully look at the list of ingredients in order to avoid bleaching themselves unknowingly. Avoid products with the agents listed above. Mercury in some products may be labeled as mercuric or calomel. Women can be encouraged by icons such as Kenya’s own black beauty Ajuma who has graced runways from Milan, Paris, London and New York with her dark beauty. Women should strive to enhance their natural skin be it in its natural true dark shade rather than lightening it in order to feel more attractive. Really there is nothing wrong with our beautiful black skin and as African Kenyan women we should not succumb to believing that light is right. It does not make us any more acceptable to be light skinned. We should only to seek to build more of our self esteem. On a lighter note Instagram photos have also been known to sort of lighten up a person. Take Dawn Richard’s case of a photo post which actually made her look lighter than she really is raising eyebrows to her fans as to whether she has embarked on a skin lightening program. I guess people can also take advantage of photo shop application to lighten their skin at least in their pictures and have it all with minimal or no risk to the skin.