Is Your Teen Depressed?- Part 3

Posted on 2013-07-28 05:41:26

Management of Depression. On having depression, one has a 50% chance of it recurring. One out of five remains depressed two years later. Of those who receive treatment, 90% will respond to treatment and find relief from their symptoms. Before beginning to treat depression, there needs to be a complete evaluation in order to identify the factors triggering the depression. There should also be a physical examination to establish any physical causes of the depression. Establishing the sources of hurt, anxiety and depression and looking for ways to make them go away by talking to a concerned listener or counselor. In treating depression, the following methods are employed:
  • Using anti-depressants,
  • Psychotherapy that includes counseling, self help support groups, interpersonal psychotherapy
  • Electroconvulsive therapy for severe depression which involves passing of electric current through electrodes placed on the back of the temporal part of the skull.
Our young people are in a growth process whereby they are discovering themselves and their temperaments. In this process they are also growing in healthy ways of expressing emotion. Life as we know it may take us through challenges such as loss or rejection, disagreements, disappointment which cause other emotions to stir up such as hurt, anxiety, anger and depression. It then becomes important to teach the younger generation to know how to handle these emotions because they then give a bearing of mental health. Managing these emotions helps the youth to avoid depression and also anxiety. Depression is becoming quite common in our society today. As parents and guardians we need to take time off our busy lifestyles and schedules and spend more quality time with our children maybe identify characteristics typical of poor mental health and also in our parenting style, seek to nurture spirituality and building of self esteem and bring up children holistically in order to avoid the highway to poor mental health.