Checklist For Your Child's Development

Posted on 2013-06-23 22:00:02

Children grow at a really fast pace or so it seems. They keep us, parents, so busy for a while and in no time, they are running to the school van, saying bye and coming back home to tell us what an interesting or boring day they had in school. Some children even get so passionate about school that they seem to want to teach us what they’ve been taught. That’s the joy of parenting. However, I am certain most of us, whether we have infants or toddlers, have compared our children to another who is walking or talking or laughing or chubbier than ours. It happens. We all want our children to have the best of this life. So here is a guide to let you know if you are infant or toddler is in the right step towards growth and development:  
2 Months Smiles at the sound of your voice and follows you with their eyes as you move around a room
3 Months Raises head and chest when lying on stomach
Grasps objects
Smiles at other people
4 Months Babbles, laughs, and tries to imitate sounds; holds head steady
6 Months Rolls from back to stomach and stomach to back
Moves objects from hand to hand
7 Months Responds to own name
Finds partially hidden objects
9 Months Sits without support, crawls, babbles "mama" and "dada"
12 Months Walks with or without support
Says at least one word
Enjoys imitating people
18 Months Walks independently, drinks from a cup, says at least 10 words, points to body parts
2 Years Runs and jumps
Speaks in two-word sentences
Follows simple instructions
Begins make-believe play
3 Years Plays cooperatively with minimal supervision
Rides a tricycle
Understands number, size or shape
  Do you have any question about your child's development?Please ask one of our pediatrician today.