Are you born gay?

Posted on 2013-05-12 22:00:00

“When a man sleeps with a man, he experiences three thunders, while normal intercourse has two” that was how my first year physiology professor began his off the cuff discussion that interrupted his embryology lecture. Homosexuality is a topic that is never discussed in public. We know about it but rarely talk about it. So it was shocking when our professor wandered off into a taboo topic. It was a hot and humid afternoon and the class was packed to the rafters. These conditions including our full bellies were making the afternoon lecture unbearable. We were having a lecture on the development of a baby in the womb when he interrupted it with his talk about gay intercourse. We were all caught off guard. The professor’s voice also changed from that of a teacher to that of a concerned father talking to his many children. Noticing that he held our attention, he put down his thick bunch of handwritten notes and the chalk on the table and began weaving a story about the development of an embryo in the womb. His story began with the lesson of the day: embryology. He started by saying that as the foetus develops there is a moment in time when there is a surge of “intercourse” hormones. This normal increase in hormones was what normally determined the sexual characteristics of the baby. These hormones were what make a male baby have “boy-like” characteristics and vice versa. However in some rare cases there is an imbalance of the “intercourse” hormones. The result of this imbalance is that a male baby will develop “girl-like” characteristics as they grow up or a female baby will develop “boy-like” characteristics. This boy will have mannerisms of girls and may have a natural attraction towards men considering his brain has developed as that of a “woman”. If he is attracted to men then he will most likely engage in intercourse with other men. In my professor’s opinion, these boys were the ones considered “born” gay. However the bombshell for us was that he said that those “born” gay were not the majority. His theory was that being gay was mostly acquired, learned and enjoyed. This is where the “three thunders” theory stemmed from. He likened the pleasures of intercourse to the power of thunder: energetic and electrifying. He went on to tell us that gay and normal intercourse had two similarities i.e. two thunders. The first was the pleasure derived from friction and the second was the pleasure from the climax of intercourse. The third “thunder” is what was unique to men when they sleep with each other and what differentiated heterosexual intercourse. This “thunder” was what he called the prostate massage. Initially his description was confusing. The prostate is a small organ found below the bladder. It plays a role in the production of semen. The prostate is mostly known for the negative effect is has on men’s lives. As we tried recalling our newly found anatomy knowledge our professor picked up the piece of chalk he had put on the table and went on to illustrate the anatomy of the prostate and how it is massaged when a man has intercourse with another. To him this third “thunder” is what made gay intercourse more appealing to men who were introduced to it at an early age. He even opined that the third “thunder” was what has hooked some men into having intercourse with other men and being unable to control it. “Why have two thunders while you can have a third?” he quipped. The class was riveted and hang onto every word that the professor said. As suddenly as he started his story he ended it by picking up his bunch of papers and chalk in a gesture to suggest that we continue with the lecture “de jour”. There was a huge sigh from the class signaling that he was leaving us “hanging”. Sensing this professor turned back to us and continued with the “thunderous” conversation. In his opinion, the majority of men sleeping with other men were not necessarily born “gay”. These men do not have the characteristic “gay” look and it will be difficult to tell such a man is gay. “So how do they become gay?” he questioned. He answered “Men are indoctrinated into a gay lifestyle at an early age when they are impressionable. This is usually by a friend or older boys. However the third “thunder” is what makes them seek out men time and time again. This eventually develops into a lifestyle. It may not mean that these men are not attracted to women. They just get more pleasure with sleeping with other men.” With that he turned his back to the class and began scribbling on the black board. We were left pondering on the story. Years later his story came to mind as I watched a documentary detailing intercourse scandal by prominent American politicians. A number of the men confessed being gay after being in compromising situations with other men. All of the men in that documentary were upstanding citizens who had wives and children.