Reasons Why Men Have Lower Lifespan Than Women.

Posted on 2013-04-08 04:55:13

“I have come to accept that my husband has many “wives”. Yes. I have accepted. There is the one whom he considers as his best friend and asks for his counsel, the one who gives him the quickest remedies for a simple disease so that he does not need to go to hospital, the one he spends his Friday with till around 3am and the one he spends time with on Saturday afternoons as they enjoy their nyama choma (roasted meat) and plenty of drinks and no, not fruit juice!. Not forgetting the one who makes fun of him when he is with his wife in the evenings”. These were the words from Wangui, a frustrated lady, as she tries to explain her dilemma regarding her husband. From her story you have probably figured that the “wives” are not actually clandestine women but his male friends who contribute significantly to his life. “These “dudes” are the ones I have come to consider more important than me, the ones he considers to be the ultimate advisors” she added. Clearly she was unhappy with the influence her husband’s “boys” were having on his life. So “dude”, how much are you really pressurized by your “boys”? Have you ever felt really pressurized to do or say something that you actually didn’t quite believe in or wanted to do? Does this influence affect your mental, social or physical health? Could this be the reason men die younger than women? Reasons Why Men Have A Lower Lifespan Than Women. Longevity is definitely not an advantage for men. Men are taller, stronger and faster than women however they are more likely to be overweight. Between the ages of 15 years and 24 years, more men than women die mainly due to motor vehicles accidents, homicide, gun violence, suicide, cancer and drowning. This increase in deaths in younger men has been shown to be related to the spiking of the sex hormone testosterone. Testosterone is what defines men: aggressiveness, high libido and competitiveness. Researchers ascribe the male mortality to what is known as “testosterone toxicity”. The genetic difference in men and women also affects death rates. The Men have XY chromosomes while women have XX .These carry genetic information that make your body function well. If there is a problem in the chromosomes diseases e.g. cancer can occur. When women have one X chromosome that is abnormal, the other can use the normal gene and avoid expression of disease, On the other hand, men cannot rely on an alternative chromosome and if a gene on one of the sex chromosomes is defective, there is normally no alternative. As men age, their lifestyles in their youth determine their illnesses in their older age. Lifestyles of alcohol use, smoking, lack of exercise and poor eating habits begin to show as illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes which are leading causes of death in men as they turn 50. This is where also the long term effects of testosterone appear .According to research, testosterone increases blood levels of the bad cholesterol and reduces the blood levels of good cholesterol. This puts the men at greater risk of developing heart disease and stroke. The information about men’s shorter lifespans can be scary, however we need to look at social factors that greatly influence men’s health habits. Unbeknown to many, society plays a big role in the development of the men. One of the biggest influences is his male counterparts who Wangui referred to as the “boys”.