Help!I Need To Gain Weight

Posted on 2013-02-27 05:30:12

Dear doctor, I am a 24-year-old male and currently weigh 53 kg. I am not comfortable with my weight and would like to get to 65 kg. I also have poor eating habits. Kindly advice. David.   Dear David, First it is important to understand that some people are built smaller than others. Secondly, shorter people weight less than taller people. You can use a simple chart to get an average of human weight for height, and if you fall within this range, then there is nothing abnormal with you. This is what we commonly call Body Mass Index, which basis one’s weight to their height. It is very accurate for the larger majority of the population. However, one may wish to gain weight for various reasons. First you must decide what kind of weight you want to gain. The options are: 1 Water weight. This is the easiest to gain, e.g. drink a lot of water then weighting yourself. However this is not sustainable 2 Bone weight. This is very difficult to change as it is genetically determined. 3 Fat weight. This is the weight most people gain with time, but in reality want to avoid. 4 Muscle weight. This is what most men typically want to gain. Bone weight is heaviest, followed by muscle weight then fat. To gain weight you must eat well. If you eat mostly junk food, you shall easily gain fat weight. Note that you can also gain fat weight even if you do not eat junk, because all excess calories are usually converted to fat. However, sticking to raw natural food, with high fiber content and controlled meat and fats intake, one can avoid gaining fat. To gain muscle weight you need to eat enough to have a calorie excess (most of us have excess calories even without trying) and combine this with straining your muscle so that your body makes more, for example with strength training or body building. This is called hypertrophy. It encourages your body to make more muscle to cope with the “stress” of constant demand to lift more, and so you get bigger and add weight. Please note that with lifting weight, you cannot get to look like those huge muscled men in magazine without using illegal substances, thus this is not a fear you should have. There is a lot more to do with it, and I hope with this simple answer, you shall be able to research further.     Please send all your nutrition questions to our nutritionist.