Help!I'm In Need of Weight Loss

Posted on 2013-02-26 23:30:56

Dear Doctor, I was reading one of the columns in the dailies which you wrote on reducing calories. I am in dire need of reducing my weight at all cost possible. Kindly tell me if I should always use the skipping rope every morning and skip 100 times. Will this help anything in burning up calories? Also will using a roller reduce weight in the long run? People keep talking about vegetables that are good for weight loss but I do not know the kind of vegetables they are talking about. What are the best vegetables to eat doctor? Thank you very much for your good advice. I really appreciate. Sincerely, Chir   Dear Chir, Thank you very much for your question.   Daily exercise, in any dose, can be very effective in making you feel different, healthier, and sometimes even in weight loss. The secret is to keep at it, every day, for the long-term. Consistency is key. That said, it is also critical that you watch what you eat. You can have excess calories despite a dedicated exercise regimen, and could still gain weight. If you stick to real, non-processed foods, avoid sweets, sweet drinks, junk food and excessive indulgence in the nyama choma/beer culture, you can control the calories you take in. Try as much as possible to eat as your grandmother did, and take in plenty of vegetables, and a sensible (not very large) portion of fruits with your every meal. This will go a long way in helping you reduce your weight. All vegetables are healthy, and these include common things like tomatoes, cabbage, sukuma wiki, spinach, as well as less common ones such as broccoli, beetroot or cauliflower.   Kindly send all your nutrition questions to our nutritionist.Thank you.