So You Are On A Diet.Is it safe?

Posted on 2013-02-25 05:30:28

Diet fads are a passing craze that come and go. They grow old, then new then grow old again and the cycle continues. For those that are wondering what are diet fads well, how about starting with “diet?” Diet according to Miriam Webster refers to food and drink that is regularly provided and consumed. It can also refer to habitual nourishment, such as, what we consume . Not all diets are healthy. However, the difference between healthy and unhealthy diet is clear-cut. A healthy diet improves and maintains good health and offers good nutrition. An unhealthy diet causes deteriorating health and reduces wellness. A fad diet can also be referred to as a crash diet. This kind of diet is normally temporary and aims at losing weight rapidly in the shortest time possible. Characteristics of a fad diet
  • It has tempting promises of rapid weight loss in a short period,
  • It requires following the diet for set periods of time,
  • It involves limiting food to one particular food group,
  • It discourages exercise due to the caloric restrictions
  • Fad diets sometimes lack scientific backing and evidence to prove their safety and effectiveness.
Some scientific evidence available according to a publication done by Food Technology in October 2012 is that plant-based diets completely eliminate people’s genetic propensity to developing chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes , heart diseases and cancer. This has made fad diets that endorse plant-based foods become very popular with the masses. Fad diets are used when one wants to lose certain weight drastically or wants short-term weight loss for over short periods of time. It can be done by having a change in eating patterns and by severe restriction of calories in diet and eliminating certain food groups in the diet. This aspect makes these kinds of diets unhealthy. It can also lead to eating a certain type of food group that is claimed to have super powers in reducing weight or less of it and it also entails having strict eating regimes of time and of certain food groups. The diet also normally involves very strict guidelines and rules. A fad diet is definitely one that is severely restrictive and can actually cause a return of the weight once one is off the type of fad diet. One can end up losing muscle instead of fat depending on the kinds of fad diet that they use and how they use them. Normally the intention of these fad diets is to lose a lot of weight in a short period so the other consequences of achieving rapid weight loss may remain unmentioned. Fad diets encourage use of supplementary products and propriety products to lose weight although the products may not be sustainable in shedding off the weight long-term. Exercise in this case must be highly emphasized in wanting to lose weight over the time without adverse effects though the guidelines in these diets rarely mention this. Also important to mention, is that fad diets can expose one to a list of potential health concerns including heart disease and irregularities, osteoporosis, diabetes, organ failure and other nutritional deficiencies that can cascade into serious illness. A cycle of dieting on and off called Yoyo dieting can also cause problems in imbalances and poor body metabolism. Some examples of fad diets include the Atkins diet, Zone diet, Mayo clinic, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, among many others that will be mentioned. Some can also be commonly named by the food groups they endorse in carrying out the weight loss for example, the Cabbage diet, the Grapefruit diet, Acai berry diet and others. All these diets have different rules and guidelines to follow in addition to the different various food groups they endorse or limit to achieve weight loss. Some of these diets turn out to be a way of life more than just nutrition.   Do you have a question on nutrition?Please write to our nutritionist.