Nasimiyu triumphs cancer

Posted on 2012-10-30 22:49:09

News from the standard media. nasimiyu triumphs over cancer Do you remember Rose Nasimiyu? The girl, who at nine years, last year, gained fame countrywide due to her brave battle with cancer? Well, the princess who won everybody’s heart with her courage and positive nature was on Monday declared cancer free. It has been a battle that has seen the young girl fight for her life, balance medication and academics, and thanks to generous donations from well-wishers, she has undergone treatment and is now cured.
An exuberant Nasimiyu says : “CANCER IS GONE! Medication has stopped, I am so happy, I don't know what to say but to thank the Lord for what he has done for me.”
Nasimiyu was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer which originates from white blood cells last year. She further thanks everybody who has been there for her through the ordeal that would have broken many grown ups. “I thank you all who have supported me through this journey, I love you all and always will. Thank you all” says an ecstatic Nasimiyu. Cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, is a painful and expensive experience with side effects like nausea and hair loss. During an interview with Jeff Koinange’s talk show The Bench in October, Nasimiyu stated that the only time someone has been unkind to her is when a pupil at her school told her, "Don’t give me your cancer". She however says that did not make her bitter since the pupil was ignorant about her condition. Nasimiyu had recounted her struggles with the disease and how she has managed to stay positive despite the challenges. “I didn’t like chemotherapy. They put you on a drip for eight hours and then after that I always feel nausea, I vomit, I can vomit like 12 times a day and after that I feel a little better." Her mother, Phoebe Wegesa Hughes admitted it has been a trying period. "No parent wants to hear that her child has cancer," she said. Nasimiyu’s struggle against cancer has seen her give motivational speeches, compose songs of encouragement, and even win awards. A few months ago, Jubilee Insurance awarded Nasimiyu its Samaritan Award (JISA) for the 3rd quarter of 2011 for inspiring cancer patients and the general public. As a move to inspire other people, Nasimiyu recorded a song titled ‘I believe’ in June last year and ‘The cry of a child’ in October the same year. She also recorded a collaboration titled ‘Baba anakupenda’ with Blessed Jo. “I want to tell everybody suffering from similar conditions not to give up hope but to pray, to believe and to trust that God is there. Doctors treat but God heals,” says Nasimiyu. In an earlier interview with The Standard, Nasimiyu says it had taken five months before the doctors could diagnose her condition. "I had a big swelling under my arm…it was very painful," said Rose. Later, she underwent a Fine Needle Aspiration (cancer test) two times without any results. When all the tests returned negative for any disease, the doctors did a biopsy and cancer was diagnosed. Nasimiyu, with the help of her parents formed the Princess Hope Cancer Foundation that she hopes will help create awareness on cancer.